Discover the Best DNP Capstone Project Ideas

dnp capstone project ideas to know

Why Is Selecting the Best DNP Capstone Topics So Important?

At the end of your DNP degree you may be asked to complete a capstone project. This culminating paper is your final opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned and your suitability to graduate as a Doctor of Nursing Practice. Fail at your capstone and you will likely be failing your degree. So it is vital that you get your project off to a good start by selecting the best DNP capstone project ideas for your research.

Knowing how to write a capstone project well will always start with selecting DNP capstone project ideas that are just right for you. Select something that is going to be too difficult to complete or alternatively too easy can lead to significant problems when you do your research and write up your paper. You need to select your DNP capstone ideas with great care if your project is going to run smoothly and get the results that you want.

Our site can provide you with all of the support and help that you will need to ensure that you will select the right capstone project ideas for DNP. We show you what is important in your topic, how you can select the right ones for you, and even provide you with an extensive list of capstone ideas for DNP studies.

Top 50 Free DNP Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Reducing harm from medication errors through medication education training
  2. Pharmacogenetic Testing for depression
  3. Pediatric Asthma home management plan of care to improve clinicians’ compliance
  4. Meningococcal meningitis and latest preventative toolkit
  5. Methods to minimize distress for organ transplant patients
  6. Clinical metrics for patient centered medical home status for diabetes management
  7. School-based Asthma protocol review
  8. Patterns and provider knowledge of HPV Vaccination on active duty men
  9. An in-depth review on Influence Transformational Leadership style for nursing staff in acute care hospitals
  10. Random household survey in underserved urban community
  11. Fall prevention success in the medical surgical setting
  12. Routine HIV testing effectiveness for hospitalized patients
  13. Implementation of an evidence-based, in-patient alcohol-detoxification guide: Best for culturally diverse adults
  14. Preeclampsia development and the 2nd trimester effects of blood pressure
  15. Enhancing inpatient heart failure training and development
  16. Self-management programs for diabetic mentally ill inmates
  17. Autism Screening Research put into practice
  18. Nursing informatics and the present status quo of competencies and certification
  19. Call center and online database and for health information
  20.  Heart failure: inpatient education and Enhancement
  21. Medical home adaptation plan
  22. Online learning lounge linked to practice
  23. Screening to test nurses’ knowledge of paliative care
  24. Palliative care and its status quo in acute-care hospitals for non-metropolitan setting
  25. Examining nurses’ attitude towards palliative care
  26. Interviewing Learning Community in a daily practice
  27. Proper nutrition on students
  28. Effects of mass media on children
  29. Necessity of leadership for doctors on nursing practice
  30. Implementing curriculum and simulation for Military CRNSAs  
  31. Dementia care for nursing home models
  32. Smoking cessation programs to help patients with coronary artery disease
  33. Hepatitis C: What you should know
  34. Getting to know ovarian cancer through education and training
  35. Techniques to enhance patient flow in an emergency care facility
  36. Warnings for obese women ages 40-65
  37. How to enhance community health
  38. Nutritional awareness and dietary habits
  39. Type 2 diabetes in Africa
  40. Comprehensive clinical practice guideline for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  41. Hepatitis C on HIV population
  42. Guideline for assessment of pain in long-term care
  43. Lifestyle-based education to improve food choices
  44. Comprehensive knowledge on National Asthma guidelines for nurse practitioners
  45. Laboring women  and pain management
  46. Online school for nursing education
  47. Health education for high school students
  48. Effects of physical activities for school children
  49. Web-based tools
  50. Advanced practice nurse assessment and job description

dnp capstone project ideas

What Should You Look for in Good DNP Capstone Project Ideas?

Working with a project idea that is uninteresting or doomed to failure is the last thing that you want. That is why you must understand what makes good DNP capstone ideas before you start your selection. By understanding what will make a good project you will be able to quickly dismiss those that are not going to result in a good research project.

You have to be able to clearly show off your knowledge in your field while tackling something that is important to a DNP. Therefore you must look for DNP capstone project topics that are:

  • Unique: there are many issues out there that need solving and you will be expected to select something that has not been solved by anyone already.
  • Challenging: your project must be able to demonstrate what you have learned within your DNP course.
  • Important: you must look to find a real world solution connected to a problem that will benefit Nurse Practitioners everywhere.
  • Achievable: you have to have enough time and other resources available to you to be able to complete your research and writing to a high enough standard.
  • Focused: you have to have a clearly defined  subject to be able to focus your research and know when you have come up with a firm solution.

As Dartmouth College of Nursing states:

“This project is a comprehensive, integrative practice experience that reflects synthesis of program course work and mastery of expert practice knowledge in the translation of current research to improve nursing practice or healthcare outcomes for patients, families, populations or systems.”

How to Choose the Best Topics for DNP Capstone Project Research

It is rare that the right project idea will just jump into your head. More often than not you will have to do some preliminary research to identify the issue that you will work on for your DNP capstone. However, this upfront work is more than worth it as it will make your project so much easier to complete. Many courses will also require you to create some form of proposal to get your DNP capstone topics approved before you begin to help avoid issues at a later stage.

dnp capstone ideas writing help

The following are some tips for where you can get your effective DNP capstone project ideas:

  • Review all of the work that you have already completed to see if it suggests any possible projects for you to investigate.
  • Look back at your past working experience to seek out issues that you and others faced that could form the basis for a good project.
  • Read extensively in the areas that are of interest to you to see if any project ideas are suggested.
  • Look at your future career path and see if that suggests any ideas for your research project.
  • Undertake a brainstorming session with colleagues and your supervisor to uncover more topic areas that may be relevant.
  • Review our long and extensive list of DNP capstone project topics: even if you do not see something that is of immediate interest the list may prompt another idea that is right for you.

Use our professional advice and help to select the right DNP capstone project ideas for your research and keep on visiting to learn how to write your successful paper!