List of Top 200 Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

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Why Are Your Capstone Nursing Ideas so Important?

At the end of your nursing program, you will be asked to complete a final capstone project. This is your opportunity to demonstrate all that you have learned by researching a tackling a real-life issue. More often than not your graduation will require you to pass this project. Selecting the right nursing capstone project ideas at the start will often dictate just how easily your project will run. Chose a project that is not feasible within the time that you have available or simply not relevant to your course could see you failing your course.

Our specialist advice will show you how to ensure that your nursing capstone project ideas are going to be capable of providing you with a paper that will get the results that you need. Through our site, you will get all of the support that you need to come up with nursing and DNP capstone project ideas that you will be able to drive through to completion. We offer selection advice for capstone project ideas for nursing as well as a full list of excellent topic ideas that you could choose from.

What Makes for Good Nursing Capstone Project Ideas?

capstone nursing paper sampleYour capstone project is to demonstrate your abilities and what you have learned during your course. So your scope of research must be relevant to what you have learned if you are to demonstrate that you have paid attention within your classes.

You should also think about all of the following when selecting nursing capstone project topics:

  • Is it a real life problem that needs to be solved within your field of nursing?
  • Is it important to solve?
  • Can you solve it within the time that you have available and any available materials and other resources?
  • Is it unique? There is no point solving an issue that is already resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.
  • Can you define the problem in a way that allows you to focus your research?

As this guidance from Regis University says:

“The project provides students with the opportunity to explore a problem or issue of particular personal or professional interest and to address that problem or issue through focused study and applied research under the direction of a faculty member.  The project should demonstrate the student’s ability to synthesize and apply the knowledge and skills acquired in his/her academic program to real-world issues and problems. This final project should affirm students’ ability to think critically and creatively, to solve practical problems, to make reasoned and ethical decisions, and to communicate effectively.”

Top Free 50 Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Gender: Is it a nursing issue?
  2. Treating obese American children
  3.  Avoiding ADHD on children
  4. The primary challenges of Nursing in Public sector
  5. Reasons why there is still no cure for AIDS
  6. How patients become cancer-free
  7. Managing pain in the ICU
  8. Nursing care in rural areas
  9. Most contagious diseases and their major issues
  10. Improving healthcare for pregnant women in rural areas
  11. Costly healthcare in the urban areas
  12. Challenges of asthma care in nursing home
  13. Type II diabetes: Why you should be afraid of it
  14. Asthma care and education public hospitals
  15. Healthcare software benefits on nursing training and education
  16. Lyme disease: How harmful to children
  17. Pain management in the post-anesthesia care unit among nurses
  18. Keeping children safe from Lyme disease
  19. Improved care access for pregnant women in rural areas by public health advocacy
  20. Avoiding Type III diabetes
  21. Reasons why students should take up asthma education program
  22. Avoiding obesity among children through interventional program
  23. Non-pharmacological management for dementia
  24. Psychological symptoms of dementia
  25. Sexually transmitted diseases among college women due to absence of behavioral health intervention
  26. Care changes through medication management intervention
  27. Infant health, better with postpartum breastfeeding support
  28. Educating the public about HPV
  29. Avoiding dysfunctional behaviors on dementia patients
  30. Sense of competence linked with nursing certification
  31. Probiotics on antibiotic causes diarrhea
  32. Sleep apnea on patients with heart failure
  33. Patient-centered medical facilities: Making a strategic planning approach
  34. Occupational medicine
  35. Environmental medicine
  36. Visitation models on family and patient centered care
  37. Assessment and treatment on acute pain
  38. Long hospital shifts versus quality of patient care
  39. Effectiveness of nursing training on complex care issues in elderly communities
  40. Shock training on substance abuse
  41. Limited number of nurses
  42. Surgical and medical therapies
  43. Making hospitals baby friendly through breastfeeding
  44. Medical strategies to promote breastfeeding
  45. Improved diagnostic tests
  46. Practice founded on evidence
  47. Point-of-care tests
  48. Fundamental practices on acute conditions and critical acre
  49. Establishing a patient-focused staff
  50. Assessment and treatment of acute pain

nursing capstone project ideas

How to Select Good Nursing Capstone Paper Topics?

Coming up with the right ideas for nursing capstone projects is not simple. Many students, even the most capable can struggle. It is therefore very important that you look through the many different areas that you can gain inspiration through for your MSN capstone project ideas.

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The following are where you should look for ideas:

  • Go back and review all of your previous class work and papers that you have written to see if anything provides you with some good ideas.
  • Review your work experience and see if there were any issues that you encountered that may make a good project.
  • Read papers and journal articles in areas that have an interest to you to see if they highlight any problems for further investigation.
  • Look at papers and other publications relevant to your future career options to look for ideas.
  • Brainstorm with your classmates and supervisor for ideas.
  • Look at lists of nursing capstone project titles to see if they provide you with ideas for your work.

Through our site, you will get all of the help and support that you need to select the right ideas for your research. We offer superior and relevant advice as well as long lists of capstone nursing ideas that will help you to get off to a flying start.

Bookmark our site and visit regularly to discover everything that you need to know about selecting the best nursing capstone project ideas and writing your project perfectly!